Message From Chairman


 As every businessman aware that Myanmar is becoming ripe for investment. But significant challenges and risks persist, Investors looking to enter Myanmar must do so wisely, because the flipside of big returns is big risk. For those investors, Chin Corp is there to guide the way.

Chin Corp is a Myanmar-based conglomerate that partners with international firms for joint ventures in Myanmar.

Opportunities like the ones emerging in Myanmar come along once in a lifetime, and the returns could prove particularly lucrative. But investors need guidance from a firm with the local knowledge and experience necesary to ensure that their venture is successful.

Myanmar is emerging, Chin Corp aims to be a part of the country’s development and we want to make the better living for all of our stakeholders.

Let’s make it together.

Board Of Directors

A Nyi Nyi Aung (Mr. Patrick Chin)
B Yin Lay (Mr. Tommy Chin)
C Myatt Kaung (Mr. Michael Chin)
D Myo Aung (Mr. Steven Chaung)
E Ye Win Aung (Mr. Roger Lee)
F Khin Win Maw (Ms. Sandra Chu)
G Thura Myint (Mr. William Lu)