Farm Machinery

In Myanmar, land area under paddy cultivation is more than 21 million acres for monsoon and summer rice. Another 13 million acres is planted with pulses and beans for local consumption and also for export. All field crops and vegetables are infested with a variety of pests such as insects plant diseases and weeds causing severe economic losses of no control measure is taken with chemical pesticides. Therefore, agrochemical industry has a good potential and agrochemical business has brightness in our group and good turnover value.

Golden Key Co., Ltd. (GKC) and Mega Grow International (MGI) are the companies in agriculture operation of Chin Corp imports, produces and distributes agrochemical products from Europe and Asia gaining 20-30% of AgroChemical local market share.


GKC and MGI specialized in production and distribution of agrochemicals sush as fertilizers and pesticides.

Relying on the experience is the fertilizer production and combining new technology and advanced equipment, we have developed new generation fertilizer products through extensive research efforts.

In addition to the production and distribution of agrochemicals, we also give technical assistance to the farmers. They are educated how to use agrochemicals safety and efficiently so that to get economically profitable and also aiming that sustainable agriculture. We also provide machinery services such as combine harvester, tractors through Aye Mega Company which is the authorized agent of Kubota mainly for Swe Bo Township. We deeply believe that only high quality products can win market and promote value for customers.

Chin Corp realizes that agriculture is a key to grow Myanmar sustainably. We provide total supplies for farmers with fair price and fair deal like we are family members. Our total supplies include Fertilizer, Pesticides, Solar pump and water management, Household solar power, Seeds, Rice mill and Metric Mechanized farming.