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Food & Beverage groups has begun from Mikko Food Marketing (Mikko) the company under food and beverage operation of Chin Corp Myanmar. The company produces high quality instant drinks and food, such as 3 in 1 coffee mix, 3 in 1 morning cereal drinks, tea mix, beverages and snack.

Since the company was established in 1994, Mikko Food Marketing produces and supplies a wide variety of food and beverages under successful brand names which are nowadays the common household names throughout Myanmar. Mikko Food Marketing has its own distribution network which is one of the strongest distribution networks in Myanmar. The distribution channel has 6 branches and 14 depots all over. Myanmar, It also acts as distribution agent for local and foreign companies.

Mikko Food Industries Co., Ltd has developed an integrated sales and distribution network which covers all Myanmar and is actively working in close contact with customers. Mikko also associates with our partner in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Korea, Singapore and Thailand to support efficient and effective work flow, quality services and products.

Now Food and Beverage group is expanding its products and services by joint venturing with top international brands to import and produce more variety for consumer in order to elevate the living quality of Myanmar people. Visit Site>>

Mate Kaung is founded in 2017 for the purpose of retail chain stores and the first shop was opened in Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Division. The purpose is to fulfill the needs of convenience-oriented guests by providing a broad selection of fresh, high-quality products and services at everyday fair prices, speedy transactions and a clean, friendly shopping environment. The store’s selection of about 1000 different products and services is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of local guests. Mate Kaung offers consumers a number of convenient services designed to phone cards and lottery tickets.