Myanmar Traditional Medicine

Myanmar Jick Young (MJY), the company under Health & Beauty operation of Chin Corp Myanmar producing and assembling disposable syringes, scalp vein sets and hypodermic needles. MJY team works closely with Korean experts to result the consummate performance outcome and hence the upshot of it all is the reliable trustworthy products. Our diligent workforces frequently upgraded with new technical knowledge enthusiastically carry out day-to-day activities, achieving proficient work done.

Under safe and pleasant working conditions and friendly supervision, our working individuals are very prudent in strict quality control. Every department is very cautious about the workmanship of its every single piece of product since MJY takes a complete responsibility of precision and safety of the medical products. As the most renowned trademark owner of Myanmar syringe market, MJY is maintaining its reputation for its quality and at the same time trying from every aspect to improve its image, Being supervised by the Korean experts, MJY is attestable for the most important characteristics of the clinical products, the hygiene factor.


Disposable Syringes : The needles used are imported from Korea and are CE Mark (EN 46001) and ISO 9001 certified. Currently MJY is producing four types of syringes such as : (1) 3cc, (2) 5cc, (3) 10cc and (4) 20cc.

Disposable Scalp Vein Sets & Disposable Needles : MJY imports CE Mark (EN 46001) and ISO 9001 certified scalp vein sets, and surgical grade stainless steel hypodermic needles from Korea.

Future Expansions : MJY is currently exporting its products to Korea and is exploring to the adjacent nations for the additional market acquisition, aiming to bring the virtue of its quality products to every part of the world.




Traditional Medicine for Healing Shows

Burmese (Myanmar) traditional medicine is based on Buddhist philosophy and Ayurvedic concepts and it has been existed in Myanmar long long ago. Nowadays, the image of traditional medicine differs from the of olden day image because it has been under utilized and neglected by authority concerned during colonial time. But over the years, traditional medicine has been instrument in maintaining physical and mental strength of people of Myanmar. Therefore, we aim to take the role of traditional medicine to become greater than before in health utilization pattern of private sector and public sector.

We also take the responsibility to flourish our traditional medicine and to become a distinct entity for taking as pride all over the world. We are now maintaining the traditional medicine through training centres to let the community accept it and also by promoting that the traditional medicine is gradually being utilized in wider scale reaching grass-root level.